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where it all begins

There’s no wonder the LIVE SLOW™ movement started in Southern Virginia.  The good folks of the Mother of States have been livin’ slow in America since 1607. 

What We're About

We’re about real people and real life.  We’re about all things agriculture and ranchin’.  We’re about keepin’ from being run over by the fast paced world that we feed and clothe.  We’re about keepin’ alive the virtues and values of generations past.  We’re about every country gal and every country guy on every country road that connects our nation’s crops and pastures.  We’re about the hard work, the high stakes, and the heartfelt rewards of life on the farm.  We’re about kitchen table issues; our kitchen table and yours.  We’re about harnessing the earth’s gifts so the lives of this world can go on each new day.  We’re about early mornings, long days, and late evenings in the field.  We’re about livin’ our slow lifestyle, not just livin’ a speed.